In the beginning of Vishwaroopa kalpa, lord Brahma, desirous of commencing creation was engrossed  in  deep  meditation.  This  resulted  into  the manifestation  of  a divine cow, which puzzled lord Brahma very much. Actually, this divine cow was none other then Vishwaroopa Saraswati, but lord Brahma failed to recognize her. Lord Brahma decided to take the help of Lord Ishan and started meditating on him.

When Lord Ishan appeared before him, he was requested by Lord Brahma to shed light on the identity of that divine cow. Lord Ishan replied by saying-“The present kalpa is called Vishwaroopa kalpa. It has originated from the left side of my body and is the thirty-third kalpa. This divine cow has also originated from me. She is goddess Gauri-the source of all creation. After saying like this, Lord Ishan created four divine entities from the body of the cow-Jati, Mundi,  Shikhandi  and  Ardhamund.  All  of  them  were  very  luminous  and  virtuous.  After preaching the world for thousands of divine year. They got reunited with lord Rudra.


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