The whole creation lasts for the total period equivalent to Brahma’s day. The almighty God created during daytime and annihilated during night. One day of Lord Brahma is equivalent to one Kalpa of this world. The cycle of four yugas occur periodically for 1000 times, during which period altogether fourteen Manus take incarnation, one after another. Satya Yuga consists of

4000 years.


Fifteen Nimesha make one Kashtha (unit of time measurement) Thirty Kalas make a Muhurta, fifteen Muhurta a day and night each. The dark lunar phase is said to be the day, while bright lunar phase is said to be the night of the manes. One year of this world consists of 360 days. The


deities’ day lasts for the full period, when the sun is positioned towards the north of equator. Similarly, the deities’ night lasts for the total period when the sun is positioned towards the south of equator. One year of the deities is equivalent to thirty years of this world. Similarly three months of the deities are equivalent to one hundred months of this world.


Each of the four yugas is measured on the basis of divine years. Satya Yuga is equivalent to

40,000 divine years, while Treta Yuga is equivalent to 80,000 divine years. Dwarpar Yuga is equivalent to 20,000 years of the deities, while Kali Yuga is equivalent to 60,000 years of the deities. The period of each yuga given here is exclusive of the periods of Sandhya (evening) and Sandhyansh (part of evening.)


Lord Brahma commences creation at the fag end of night and all his creations exist for the whole day. When the night descends, everything is annihilated. This is the time when Kalpa ends.


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