On being enquired by the Sages about the respective lineage of Aditya (Sun) and Soma (moon) Suta replied—

Sage Kashyapa had a son–Aditya, from Aditi. Aditya had four wives–Sangya, Rajyi, Prabha and Chhaya. Sangya gave birth to Manu whereas Ragyi was the mother of Yama, Yamuna and Raivat. Prabha gave birth to Prabhat while chhaya was the mother of three children–Savarni, Shani, Tapti and Vrishti.

Chhaya was extremely affectionate towards her step son– Yama. One day Yama kicked her in anger as a result of which his leg became inflicted with incurable disease. He became cured of his disease only after doing penance for thousands of years at as place called Gokarna.

Manu had nine sons— Ikshavaku, Nabhag, Dhrishnu, Sharyati, Narishyant, Nabhag, Arisht, Karush and Prishaghna. He also had three daughters–Ila, Jyeshtha and Varishtha who coincidentally attained male physique later on in their life. Ila became famous as Sudyumna and had three sons– Utkal, Gopa and Vinitashva. Harishwa was the descendant of Ikshavaku and had a son named Vasumana. Tridhanva was Vasumana’s son. He had attained the designation of

‘Ganapatya’ by virtue of accomplishing one thousand Ashwamedha Yaga. Tridhanva had a son named Trayyarun and the name of his son was Satyavrata. The same Satyavrata became famous as Trishanku, who was the only person to attain to heaven with his mortal body.

The most truthful king Harish Chandra was the son if Trishanku. Harish chandra had a son named Rohit. Sagar belonged to the lineage of Harishchandra. He had two wives– Prabha had given birth to sixty thousand sons but Bhanumati had only one son named Asamanjas.Anshuman was the son on Asamanjas. Anshuman’s son was Dilip. Sage Bhagirath was the son of Dilip.

Some prominent personality who belonged to the lineage of Ikshavaku were Shrut, Nabhag, Ambarish, Dirghabahu, Dilip (Dirghabahu’s son), Raghu, Aja, Dasharath, Rama, Lakshman, Bharata, Shatrughna,  Lav  and  Kush.  The  famous  king Pururava  also  cause  from  the  same lineage. He was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. His son was Nahush. Nahush had six sons among whom Yayati was the eldest. Yayati had two wives— Devayani and Sharmishtha. Yayati ruled over the whole earth. He had conquered the whole earth with the help of divine weapons and chariot which he had received from his father in law–Shukracharya (Devayani’s father).

Yayati had two sons from Devayani– Yadu and Turvasu. He also had three sons from his second wife–Sharmishtha whose names were Drushya, Anu and Puru.Yayati appointed his youngest son Puru as his successor because of his total devotion towards his parent. Yadu was made the ruler of Southern province.


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