Meru mountain is situated in the heart of Jambudweepa. The Meru range is spread in the area of

16 thousand yojan. Its towering peak is 84 thousand in height from the ground level and had even penetrated the depth of earth to the measurement of 16 thousand yojan. Meru mountain is considered to be very sacred and is believed to be the dwelling place of the deities.

Yamraj’s abode–Vaivaswatipuri is situated in the souther part of Meru mountain. Some other holy places like Shuddhavati, Gandhavati and Yashomati are also situated on this mountain where Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are believed to have their respective abodes. The  sun  continuously shines  over  Meru  mountain.  A  river  named  Jambu  flows  down  this mountain. There is also a tree by the same name which is eternally ladden with fruits. The Meru mountain is surrounded on all its sides by a country Ilavrita. The residents of Ilavrita relish the fruits of Jambu tree.


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