Lord Shiva manifests himself in the form of Sun. The Sun radiates twelve different types of rays which have specific impacts and influences on the world.

The first ray is called Amrit and the deities derive their power from it. The second ray is called Chandra and it helps in the preservation of medicinal herbs. The third ray is called Shukla and it helps in the propagation of religiousness in the world. It also helps the food crops to become ripe. The fourth ray is Harikesha and all the constellations get their nourishment from it. The fifth ray is called Vishwakarma and it gives the planet mercury.

The sixth ray is called Sanyadwasu and it nurtures the planet–Mars. The seventh ray is called Arvavasu and it nurtures the planet Jupiter. The eighth ray is called Surat and it nurtures the planet –Saturn. The nineth ray is called Susumana and it nutures the moon.


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