Markandeya says- ‘After Vaishalini had finished her lines, Aveekshit told her that he was forced to abandon her in the past after getting defeated but once again, he had regained her after defeating the demon. Both of them decided to get married in the forest itself.’

‘Right then, a Gandharva, Tanaya arrived there accompanied by many Apsaras and revealed to Aveekshit that Vaishalini was his daughter in her previous birth. ‘Because of the curse given to her by sage Agastya, she was born to the king of Vishal. Now you must accept her as your wife.’

Aveekshit married Vaishalini under the supervision of Tumbaru, the priest of the Gandharvas. Both of them then accompanied the Gandharvas to the Gandharva loka. There, Vaishalini gave birth to a son. Knowing about the feats, the child would accomplish in future, the Gandharvas celebrated his birth ceremony with great fanfare. After the birth ceremony, while Tumbaru was eulogising the child, everybody heard a heavenly voice, which said- ‘This child will become famous as Marut; he will become the ruler of all the Mahipals.’ Everybody was extremely satisfied by this forecast.

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