Markandeya says- After goddess Bhagvati had killed Shumbh, all the deities under the leadership of Indra and Agni started eulogising her- ‘O Goddess! Be pleased up on us! Protect the whole world, as you are the goddess of this whole universe. You appear in the form of this earth- the base on which everything is situated. Your light illuminates all the living creatures. You are the only  power  through  which  creation,  nurturing  and  annihilation  takes  place.  You  are  the Brahmani, Maheshwari and the Kaumari. We salute you because you have protected us from the terror of the demons. We need your protection from all the calamities of this world.’

Goddess Bhagvati was extremely pleased by their eulogy. She asked them for any wish. The deities said- ‘O Akhileshwari! We need your protection. Clear all the obstacles from our path. Eliminate our enemies.’

Goddess  Bhagvati  replied-  ‘During  Vaivasvat  Manavantar,  I  will  take  incarnation  from Yashoda’s womb- the wife of Nand, to kill the demons Shumbh and Nishumbh. After that, I will kill the demon- Vaiprachit in my most aggressive form. One hundred years later, I will manifest myself and would be known as Satakshi because of my hundred eyes. My next incarnation would be known as Shakambhari because I would nurture the whole world during the period of drought. I will kill the demon Durgam during that drought period.  I will kill the demon Arun- the tormentor of all the three worlds by appearing in the form of a bee. Due to this, I will be known as Bhramari. I will take incarnations every time the demons torment the world.

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