Goddess Bhagvati says- I will clear all the obstacles from the path of such a man who worships me.  A  devotee  who  listens  to  the  great  tales  of  how  I  killed  Mahishasura,  Shumbh  and Nishumbh, on the eighth, ninth and fourteenth days of any month, would be liberated from all sins and poverty. He would become free from fear. A devotee must listen to my divine tales during all the religious ceremonies like making sacrifice, worship and performing Yagya. By doing this, all his enemies will be eliminated. A man who remembers me when faced with dangerous situation remains protected by me.’

After blessing the deities, Goddess Bhagvati disappeared from their sight. All the demons, which had survived after the killings of Shumbh and Nishumbh, went to the nether world to save their lives.

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