Markandeya says- ‘King Khaninetra went at the bank of the river Gomti and started doing a severe penance to please Indra. After being pleased by his devotion and eulogy, Indra appeared before him. He said to Khaninetra- ‘O king! I am very much pleased by your devotion. Demand anything you wish.’ The king replied- ‘O lord! If you are really pleased with me, then bless me with a religious and virtuous son because I am a sonless person.’ Indra blessed him by saying- ‘So be it’ and then disappeared.

Khaninetra returned to his palace. In course of time, a son was born to him. He named the child Balashva. When Balashva grew up, he became the king after the death of his father. He annexed many kingdoms after defeating his enemies and imposed taxes on them. After sometime, his enemies not only stopped paying him the taxes but also regrouped themselves and recaptured their lost territories. Balashva had become weak due to the constant battles. He had only the capital city in his possession and had lost the other territories. One day, his enemies surrounded his capital. Balashva became restless as he would be no match for his enemies. In a sorrowful mood, he heaved deeply covering his face by both his hands. The exhaled air resulted into the manifestation of numerous valiant fighters, chariots, elephants and horses. Very soon, this huge army covered the whole area.  This army battled under the leadership of Balashva. Ultimately, the enemies were defeated. Later on, King Balashva became famous as Karandham because of the huge army, which had manifested from between both the trembling hands of Balashva.

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