Chand and Mund proceeded with a huge army. At that time, Goddess Bhagvati had positioned herself at the peak of Himachal Mountain. She was mounted on the back of Simha and was smiling sweetly. Chand and Mund tried to enslave her but suddenly, Goddess Kali appeared from her mouth and ferociously attacked the demons. She devoured some of them and killed the rest. After seeing his huge army vanquished, Chand angrily ran towards Goddess Kali. Mund attacked her with a range of arrows, which infuriated Goddess Kali and she pulled Chand by his hair and severed his head by a sword. Seeing him fall to the ground, Mund ran towards Goddess Kali but even he was killed. The rest of the army retreated. After killing Chand and Mund, Goddess Kali told Goddess Bhagvati- ‘I have done my duty. I have killed Chand and Mund. Now you should do the same by killing Shumbh and Nishumbh.’ Goddess Bhagvati replied- ‘Since you have killed the demons, Chand and Mund from now onwards, you will also become famous as Chandika.’

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