Markandeya says- ‘Sugreev went back to Shumbh and narrated the whole story. Shumbh became very furious and instructed Dhumralochan to bring her by force. Dhumralochan went to Goddess Bhagvati accompanied by 60,000 demons. Initially, he requested her to come along with him. He also threatened to take her forcibly if she did not accept her proposal. Goddess Bhagvati refused to go along with him. Dhumralochan angrily ran towards her. The Goddess made a loud roar as a result of which, Dhumralochan’s body was reduced to ashes. After his death, Dhumralochan’s army attacked Goddess Bhagvati. The mount of the Goddess- Simha killed all the demons. When Shumbh got the news of Dhumralochan’s death, his anger knew no bounds. He instructed Chand and Mund to go and bring Goddess Bhagvati after capturing her.

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