Madalasa used to preach the little prince while played. When Alarka attained boyhood, he asked-

‘O mother! What should I do in order to mastery over physical and metaphysical matters? How can I serve my subjects in the best possible way?’

Madalasa said- ‘Looking after the welfare of the subjects religiously is the supreme duty of a king. He should always be alert against the activities of his enemies. With the help of spies, the king should keep a watch on the activities of his minister so that he could not make friends with the enemies. It is unwise for the king to trust everybody but under certain circumstances, he may trust even his enemies. A king must control his lust but at the same time, he should make efforts to increase the boundaries of his kingdom. Surrendering to sensual comfort is like death for a king. A king should appear as all pervasive and omnipresent. Fostering the subjects with total righteousness enhances the wisdom of the king.’

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