Markandeya  says-  ‘When  Aveekshit  reached  the  oblation  site,  he  found  that  the  whole atmosphere was ablaze by the tremendous heat generated by Marut’s weapon, Samvartak. He requested Marut to drop his weapon but Marut refused by saying- ‘O father! These serpents are the culprits. They have killed the hermits sons. They have also polluted the reservoir and caused obstacles in the accomplishment of oblation-rituals. I am never going to forgive them.

Aveekshit told Marut that the serpents had taken his refuge and hence he should forgive them to protect the honor of his father’s promise. When Marut did not listen, Aveekshit picked up his weapon ‘Kal’ to kill him. Marut enquired from him as to why he was trying to kill his own son, who was just performing his duty of protecting the oblation site from the serpents. Aveekshit replied that he too was duty bound to protect the serpents that had taken his refuge.

When the sages saw both father and son were bent on killing each other, they intervened and advised them against killing each other. Right then, a sage came with the news that the serpents had agreed to make all the dead sons of the hermit, alive. Thus, all the dead sons of the hermits became alive and once again, the father and son were prevented from killing each other. From then onwards, Marut took proper care while ruling his kingdom. Later on, he married Sukesha- the daughter of Kekaya, Saindhavi- the daughter of Sindhuraj, Vayushmati- the daughter of Chediraj etc. He had eighteen sons from his wives among whom, Narishyant was the eldest.


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