Sanatkumar says:”Now I am narrating about an excellent fast for the benefit of the world. Listen to it carefully O Narada! This fast must be observed in the months of Ashadh, Shravan, Bhadrapad or Ashwin. On any day during the brighter phase of these months, the devotees must drink  Panchgavya  and  pass  his  time  in  the  vicinity  of  Lord  Vishnu’s  idol.  Then,  reciting scriptures in the guidance of learned Brahmins, he should take a vow to observe a month long fast praying Lord Vishnu to protect him from any unforeseen crises. The devotee should since then pass his time in a temple for one month. Everyday, he should bathe the idol with milk containing ghee, curd, honey and dry fruits and light the lamps before the idol. He is also expected to pass his life in a natural way without using any artificial thing like toothpaste or soap. Then he should feed a Brahmin and give them Dakshaina. According to the provision of fast, the devotee should feed at least twelve Brahmins and donate jewelry. Virtues of this fast are enormous.  A  widow  woman  who  has  no  son,  ascetic,  bachelor  and  Vanaprasthi  should essentially observe this fast.

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