Continuing with the tale of Sri Rama, Lord Mahadeva told Parvati–Dasharath requested Vashishtha to perform the Jatkarm Sanskar of Sri Rama. In course of time Kaikeyi gave birth to Bharata–an incarnation of Panchajanya conch. Similarly, Sumitra gave birth to two sons– Lakshman and Shatrughan. Lakshman was the incarnation of Sheshnag while Shatrughan was the incarnation of Sudershan chakra. Sri Rama and his brothers received education under the guidance of Sage Vashishtha. In a very short time they became proficient in all the scriptures and mastered various weaponaries. Although all the four brothers were very close to each other, yet Lakshman could not bear to live in Rama’s separation even for a moment and was specially close to him.

Sita manifested herself from the field while Janaka was ploughing it. King Janaka brought up Sita with great love and care. At that time, Vishwamitra was busy performing a grand yagya at Siddha Ashrama. But the demons created numerous problems and made it impossible for him to accomplish the yagya. Vishwamitra went to Ayodhya and requested Dasharath to send Sri Rama and Lakshman along with him so that the yagya could be accomplished without any problems. Dasharath agreed to send Sri Rama and Lakshman along with Vishwamitra.This way, Vishwamitra returned to his hermitage acompanied by both the brothers. Garuda presented a pair of bow and imperishable set of arrows to both the brothers.

While staying at the hermitage Sri Rama and Lakshman killed many demons like Taraka and Subahu. When Marich tried to disrupt the yagya, Sri Rama attacked him with Pavan-astra, which sent Marich flying across the sea-shore. Meanwhile, on learning that Janaka was performing Vajapeya yagya at Janakapur, Vishwamitra took Sri Rama and Lakshman to attend it. On the way Sri Rama liberated Ahalya who had turned into a rock after being cursed by her husband. After  reaching  Janakapur,  Sri  Rama  broke  Lord  Shiva’s  bow  and  married  Sita.  Lakshman married Urmila. Dasharath had come to attend the marriage ceremony accompanied by Bharata and Shatrughan. Bharata was married to Mandavi while Shatrughan married Shrutkeerti.

Meanwhile, on learning that Sri Rama had broken Shiva’s bow, Parshurama arrived there and challenged him, but ultimately Parashurama realized about the divinity of Sri Rama and accepted his superiority. At last, Sri Rama, Lakshman, Bharata and Shatrughan returned to Ayodhya along with their respective consorts.

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