Describing about the numerous devotees of Shiva who were famous for their devotion towards lord Shiva, Suta named a few of them like Durvasa, Vishwamitra, Dadhichi, Gautam, Kanad, Bhargav, Brihaspati, Vaishampayam, Parashar, Vyasa, Upamanyu, Yagyavalkya, Jaimini and Garg etc.

He also narrated a tale connected with King Sudyumna. Once Sudyumna had gone into that forest which was gifted to Parvati by lord Shiva, with the warning that any man who dares to enter it would become a woman.

As soon as Sudyumna entered that forest he got transformed into a woman. He became very sad. He worshipped lord Shiva to regain his masculinity. Lord Shiva pleased by his devotion, he blessed him to be as a man for one month and again as a woman for the same period of time alternately.

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