Describing about the sins, Suta told the sages that altogether there were twelve types of sins committed by a man by his actions, thought speech. Out of them having a desire for another person’s wife, being desirous of another’s wealth, having evil designs against other people and drifting towards sinful path are considered to be sins committed by one’s thoughts.

The following sins are supposed to be committed by speech – conversating with a woman who is having periods, telling lies, unpleasing talks and back biting.

The following sins are committed by one’s actions eating things, which are not worth eating’s, indulging in violence and uncivilized activities and taking other’s wealth by improper means.

Even among all these sins some are considered to be graver, like criticizing teacher, hermit and parents etc, stealing the property of temple or a brahmin. A person commits Mahapap (grave sin) if he indulges in any of the following: not having devotion towards one’s preceptor abandoning one’s preceptor, sleeping on the preceptor’s bed, drinking intoxicating drinks, having illicit relationship with one’s teacher’s wife, taking back the wealth which has already been donated, earning wealth by employing improper means.

A man who commits the following sins are considered to be the grave sinners – burning a cowshed, a forest or a city, not marrying a girl with a suitable man, having illicit relationship with daughter in law, and sister in law.

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