An ideal brahmin is supposed to perform the following duties:-

a) Trikal Sandhya (worshipping thrice a day) b) Havan (offerings made to the sacred fire) c) Worship of Shivalinga d) Making donations

A brahmin should also have the following qualities:- a) To see god in each soul b)Compassion c) Virtuous conducts d) Satisfaction e) Belief in God f) Non violence g)Devotion h) Regular Vedas study i) Practicing Yoga j) Preaching teachings of Vedas k)Giving lectures on the religious scriptures. l) Being a celibate m) Penance n)Having a Shikha and a scared thread etc.

A brahmin should never have food during the night and should contently chant the ‘Om Namah Shivay’ mantra. Lord Shiva is not pleased that much by rituals as by faith and devotion. A man who worships lord Shiva while maintaining the rules of ‘varna ashrama dharma’, has the blessings of lord Shiva and all of his desires are fulfilled.

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