Narada told Indradyumna–‘Now, we should install an idol of Lord Nrisimha near Neelkanth’s temple for this is the very place where you will be performing one thousand Ashwamedh Yagyas in the days to come. So, your first priority should be to get constructed a magnificent temple of Lord Nrisimha. I plan to stay here for five more days as Vishwakarma will be needing my help in carving out the idol of Lord Nrisihma.’

Leaving Narada alone near the Neelkanth temple, Indradyumna went near the sandalwood tree, which was at a little distance from the temple, and was surprised to find Sughat- Vishwakarma’s son waiting for him. He requested Sughat to construct a grand temple with its main entrance facing west. Sughat constructed the temple within four days. On the fifth day, Narada arrived there with an idol of Lord Nrisimha, which had been carved out by Vishwakarma. An auspicious ┬áday was chosen for installing the idol. After the idol had been installed, every body including king Indradyumna, Narada as well as the people accompanying the procession worshipped Lord Narsimha

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