Rudra bhoomi: Quite displeased with Brahma’s creation. Rudra became very angry, and originated Pramatha Ganas for destroying Brahma’s creation. Vishnu learnt this and approaching Rudra said in appearing words. “Oh! Rudra, please, forgive Brahma now, and destroy his creation only at the time of pralaya (final destruction) and may this place, on which you stand now with the object of destroying Brahmas creation, be known as Rudra-Bhoomi, and may it ever give salvation and you live hear”. This place has become the burial ground in this Kshetra, all burnt here attain salvation.
Gokarna Sarvada Vasam Maranam Muktimantape | Rudrabhoomyantu dahanam Kankshate
Vibhudha Api ||
From this verse it is clear that even gods wish lu be burnt here, and the importance of this place can hence, be easily guessed.

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