Kharasura Demon of the race of Hiranya Kashyapu being desirous of obtaining Parvati, began to perform Tapas for a long time. Shiva pleased with his penance presented himself before him and asked what he desired. Vishnu learning all about the mat­ter assumed the form of very beautiful woman with a protion of himself & with the other began to run along with Shiva.
Vishnu in the form of this beautiful woman rocked himself on a swing on the road which the demon was expected to pass by. According to her expectation the demon came by & was enamoured of her beauty. He cased to pursue them and en­treated her to be his mate bosting of his valour and of the boon he had acquired but she in reply told him she would be willing to become his mate pro­vided he would give her the boon. This news readed Shiva & Vishnu and they came from Patala through Unmajjani teertha Shiva on learning the whole account was eager to be hold the enchanting female form of Vishnu by which the Daitya was fascinated. Shankara was struck with wonder at seeing the match less beauty, embraced her and requested. Vishnu to be
known as Hari-Harapura or Shankamarayan.

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