Rudra learnt from Vayu that his Pranalinga was founded in Gokama. He came there, and marked that the Pranalinga had received a wound from Ravana’s nails. He repeated however that this was due to his mis­take of having given over the Pranalinga to Ravana. He bond to the Linga with Parvati and prayed to it in many stanzas.
Namaste Rajalingaya Lingaratnaya Te Namaha |
Namaste Ravana Bhujagharvasarvasvaharine ||1||
Namosmadbhagadhevaya Namaste Trigunatmane |
Dantabalananakritapratishthaya Mahatmane ||2||
Namovedashirobedyajyotiranandamoortaye |
Namastrishirase Tubhyam Bhavarogabhayachchide ||3||
Gokamakshetra Vasaya Mahabala Namonamaha ||
He satisfied himself with the idea that since the Pranalinga established in the very place of his birth it was just as good as if it were in his possession and said to the gods “ Oh, gods Ravana is proclaimed powerful on account of his having conquered the three worlds, but this Linga has overpowered even Ravana and hence may this be renowned as (great strength) in all the three worlds. As this linga was established in all the month of Kartika. I shall live then along with Parvati in this Linga with all my vital splendour. You should come here then too. Those that worship this Linga in that month after an abluation in Kotiteertha will get many good results. The charities and religious penances per- formed here then, however fittle will yield countless good results. So the month of Kartika with Tula is very precious for pilgrims. Those that worship this Linga at midnight on the 14 th day of Magha Vadya, with even a drop of water and a single Bilwa – leaf, will acquire such fruits as can not be adequately described even by Brahma. It is very precious – one should deem it a great fortune if one gets all these four toget her, viz, Gokarn, Bilwa-leaf Mahabala Linga and Shivaratri. The charity given at this time of Shivaratri will yield results in the proportion of a core to one. Thus saying Ishwara with gods worshipped Ganapati first, much lamenting his pain and pleased with his work blessed him with the honour of first worship and worshipped Mahabala-Linga after.
Vishnu and Brahma founded the horns of their essence (Satva) in Saligrama and Pushkara respectively. Thus these three place have be come well known as Siddhikshetras, (holyplaces where desires are attained). Of these three Gokarn is considered the most important, since it can fulfil ones desired object, as readily as Rudra. The importance of this holy place is exhoustively given in the Gokama Purana. One the whole:
Api Papashatam  Kritva  Brahmahatyadi Manavaha Sakratpravishya Gokama Sadyo Muchyeta Patakaihi ||
Drashtvava Divyalingam Cha Shrutva Va Sagaradhvanim |
Kotiteertha Nare Snatva Punaijanma Na Vidyate ||
“Bya more entrance in to the Kshetra one becomes liberated from hundreds of sins including even Brahma-Hatya (the killing of a brahmin) and the like and moreover one becomes free from even rebirth, by a mere look at the celestial Linga the hearing of the sounds of the sea and an abluation in the Kotiteertha”. Thus the greatness and the holiness of the Kshetra are appearent. An adluation in the see on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesday is highly spoken of and is said so yield special merit. Moreover those that observe a fast in the Kshetra are freed from sin, and will live in happiness in the electial world.
Yada Prapnoti Gokama Yo Va Ko Vapi Manavaha |
Mundanam Chopavasam Cha Shraddham Kuryat Cha Bhaktitaha||
Nakuryadyadi Moodhatma Pitruhanta Bhaveddhruvam ||
“Every pilgrim that comes to Gokama must shastriacally (according to the injunctions of religion) observe shaving, (Vapan) fast and anniversary (Shraddha) Otherwise he will incure the sin of killing his father. These observance must be necessarily under- gone even when one returns to this Kshetra after ten months and these may be observed even by one whose father is living.

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