Venkatanatha’s Wedding

As years went by, the young Venkatanatha who had completed his studies, was married to Saraswati, a girl from a matching family of Kashyapa Gotra by his elder brother Gururajacharya.
Intent upon avoiding being a burden upon elder brother Gururajacharya, the couple left under the pretext of Venkatanatha wanting to meet his Guru and stayed away for a while. The married life of the beautiful couple, with a part of the divine, was like an ideal to- everybody. According to the smriti, “vidhivihitam sarva- manutishthanti devah ardhameva munayah dashanshato manushyah” – this divine couple performed all their duties perfectly while living as humans. Accordingly Saraswatidevi, the better half of Venkatanatha used to support him in all his daily chores and rituals. She never used to ask anybody for any food articles.

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