Pulastya says- After reaching the nether world, Bali got constructed a beautiful city made of diamonds and other precious stones. Vishwakarma had constructed an enormous sized altar in the central part of the city. The windows of Bali‘s palace were well decorated with pearls. Bali lived there in luxury and by enjoying all the pleasures of life.


One day, while the demons were engaged in their sensual pleasures, suddenly the fearsome Sudarshan chakra entered Bali’s palace and after making the demons bereft of their radiance went back to Lord Vishnu. Bali was very worried and thought that only his grandfather Prahlada could help him out from this situation. On being remembered by Bali, Prahlada appeared before him. Bali requested him to describe the means which would be benedictory to him. Prahlada was pleasantly surprised by his change of heart and said- “At last, you have realised your mistake. Listen Bali! A man who takes refuge in Lord Vishnu and surrenders himself to his will becomes liberated from all the miseries and sorrows of life. A man who has accepted Lord Vishnu as his master need not fear from anything not even death. All the things which are visible in this universe are the various manifestations of Lord Vishnu himself. A devotee of Lord Vishnu does not have to go to hell and he becomes liberated from the cycles of birth and death.” This way, Prahlada described about the greatness of Lord Vishnu and his worship in great detail.

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