Sanatkumar says- Describing the greatness of Sanihitya Sarovar, Lord Shiva told the sages that a devotee cannot attain salvation unless he pays a visit to this sacred place of pilgrimage. There is no other Tirtha like this one. “I would be easily accessible to a devotee who worships me with total devotion.” After saying this, Lord Shiva disappeared.

In course of time, the heaven became crowded with human beings due to virtues attained by going on pilgrimages to Sthanu Tirtha. The deities became worried at this development and went to seek Lord Brahma’s help. Indra said- “If things continue like this then the heaven will be dominated by mortals and we will have no option but to move out from there. Now, its your duty to protect us.” Lord Brahma ordered Indra to fill up Sanihitya Sarovar with mud so that the Sthanu Linga gets concealed and devotees no longer visited that sacred place of pilgrimage.

Sanihitya Sarovar was filled up with mud as Indra created a dust storm, which lasted for several days. But still Indra’s objective remained unfulfilled as Lord Shiva lifted Sthanu Linga and Tirtha Vata (Banyan tree) in his hands. There were some sages present on the bank of Sanihitya Sarovar at the time of this incident. They smeared their bodies with that mud and due to this, all of them went to Brahma loka.


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