The mighty Banasura saw the demons running away from the battlefield and came to their rescue. The arrival of Banasura boosted the morale of the defeated demons and they returned to fight the deities. Lord Vishnu advised the deities to fight gallantly and disappeared from the battlefield. Shukracharya assured the demons of their victory because he thought that the deities would be no match for the demons might in the absence of Lord Vishnu.


Once again, a fZrce battle commenced. Bali attacked the deities ferociously with his mace. Banasura devastated the deities’ army with his thousand hands. Ultimately, the deities were defeated in this battle and the heaven came under the control of demons. The defeated deities took refuge in Brahma loka after abandoning the heaven. Bali ruled the heaven with the help of his relatives.


One day, Bali called his father- Prahlada to heaven and requested him to become the ruler of heaven but Prahlada refused by saying- “As I have chosen the path of Yoga after relinquishing everything, it would not be proper for me to get attached to worldly matters once again. Since you have snatched heaven from the deities onĀ  account of your valiance, hence the heaven belongs to you.” Bali requested Prahlada to enlighten him on the duties of a king and on the virtuous deeds which would enable him in attaining Dharma, Arth, Kama and Moksha.


Prahlada advised Bali to rule in a just manner and for the benediction of the world. He also advised Bali to engage himself in the service of all the three castes so that they remain loyal to him. Prahlada said- “Virtuosity increases when people unwaveringly follow their Dharma. Increase in virtuosity helps a king to rule without any problem.”


Bali agreed to rule in a just manner as per the advice of Prahlada.


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