Fearing Lord Shiva’s wrath, Lord Vishnu went to Hrishikesh and remained aloof for quite some time. Shiva’s anger generated so much heat that it was enough to melt the eight Vasus. As a result, a river named Sita started flowing from there. After being attacked by Lord Shiva, the deities fled from the scene.

Lord Shiva then opened his third eye and furiously looked at the flame burning in the Havan- kund. The next moment, the fire went off. Even Yagya was terrified and he took the aerial route in the guise of a deer. Lord Shiva chased him in the appearance of Kal (Lord of death) with a bow and arrow named Pashupat.

In the end, Kal (epithet of Shiva) was successful in killing the deer, which was Yagya in reality. After his death, Yagya’s body was established among the stars.  After narrating the tale of destruction of Daksha’s Yagya, sage Pulastya then goes on to tell Narada that the names of the zodiacs had been given just according to their appearances for e.g. Aries (Mesh) appeared like a ram. Similarly, Taurus (Vrishabh) appeared like an ox and so on.

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