King Prajapal requested Mahatapa to describe how both the Ashwini Kumars manifested themselves. Sage Mahatapa narrated the following tale- ‘Marichi was Lord Brahma’s son while Kashyapa was Marichi’s son. All the twelve Adityas are the sons of sage Kashyapa. One of the Adityas- Martand, was marrird to Vishwakarma’s daughter whose name was Sangya. Martand had two children from her and their names were- Yama and Yami. Being unable to bear the extreme radiance of Martand, Sangya created her shadow identity and after instructing her to serve her husband (Martand) in best possible ways, she herself went to live at Uttarkuru. Later on, when Martand came to know about the reality, he went to Uttarkuru and found Sangya in the form of a mare. He then changed his own form and became a horse. Both of them stayed there for a long time. In course of time, Sangya gave birth to two sons who became famous as Ashwini Kumars.’

Martand instructed both his sons to please lord Brahma with their devotion. Both of them engaged themselves in austere penance. Finally lord Brahma appeared and blessed both of them by saying- ‘Your good-looks and knowledge of ayurveda will be unmatched in the world.’ It was

‘dwitiya’ (second day) when lord Brahma had blessed both the Ashwini Kumars. This is the reason why this particular day is the reason why this particular day is deeply attached with the worship of Ashwini Kumars.’

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