As the name implies, this austerity clears all the obstacles faced by a man. It commences on the fourth day of the bright half of the Hindu month-falgun and lasts for four months whereby a devotee observes fast on the fourth day (bright half) of every month that follows. One important characteristic of this austerity is the importance and use of sesame seeds in its rituals. It is not only the chief constituent of the diet but it is also offered in the sacrificial fire and donated to the brahmins as well. After observing this austerity for four months, a devotee should conclude it by worshipping lord Ganesh in the fifth month and donating the Ganesh-idol to a brahmin alongwith five  pots  filled  with  sesame  seeds.  While  worshipping  lord  Ganesh,  he  should  chant  the following mantras- om shooray namah, om dhiray namah, om gajananay namah, om lambodaray namah, om ekdanshtray namah, etc. A devotee thus becomes free from every obstacle and gets all his wishes.

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