Lord Varaha told Prithvi- “There is a holy place called ‘Panchsar’ in Dwarka. Anybody who stays there for six days and takes holy dips in ‘Panchasar’ enjoys all the pleasures of life. Dwarka is situated at the sea-shore and the crocodiles living there never trouble people taking their bath. These crocodiles also have one unique characteristic- they never eat anything that is offered to them by a sinner but unhesitatingly accept anything from a virtuous person. There are several other  holy  places  in  and  around  Dwarka-  Panchpind,  Hanskunda,  Hanstirth,  Chakratirth, Raivatak, Vishnu-sankarama, etc. Vishnu sankarama is the very place where I, in my incarnation as Krishna would be killed by a hunter named Jara.

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