Dwelling upon the prominent islands, Lord Shiva told the assembled sages—“Jambudweepa is spread in the area of one lakh yojan and it consists of numerous Janapadads. It is inhabited by

‘siddhas’ and ‘charanas’ and is blessed with incomparable natural beauty.”

‘A total number of nine ‘Varshas’ lie within the territory of Jambudweepa which itself is surrounded by various oceans on all sides. Towards its east and west lie salt water oceans. Some prominent mountains of Jambudweepa are the Himalaya, the Sumeru, the Hemakut and the Nishadh. Territory situated towards east of Sumeru mountain is inhabited by the fair complexioned brahmins. Towards its south live Vaishyas. Shudras live towards the south of Sumeru and the area lying towards its north is inhabited by Kshatriyas.”


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