This austerity is related with the worship of Sri Krishna and Balarama. It commences on the second day of the bright half of the Hindu month-kartik and lasts for a year whereby a devotee observes fast on the second day (bright half) of every month that follows. While worshipping Balarama, a devotee should chant- ‘om baldevay namah’ and while worshipping Sri Krishna he should chant- ‘om keshavay namah’. Subsequently, ‘ardhya’ is offered to both the deities. A devotee should have food prepared from barley-flour in the night but those devotees who have resolved to observe this austerity for four months beginning from ‘falgun’ should live only on

‘kheer’. Offerings of rice and sesame seeds are made in the sacrificial- fire during the months of

‘aghan’ and ‘kartik’ respectively. The rituals conclude by worshipping the deity ‘Chandrama’ at the end of the year. Finally all the three idols (Sri Krishna, Balarama and Chandrama) should be donated  to  brahmins.  A  devotee  who  observes  this  austerity is  bestowed  with  a  charming personality

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