King Prajapal asked Mahatapa- “The thought of divine radiance taking the form of human radiance bewilders me. Please clear my doubts.”

Sage Mahatapa replied – “When the almighty God willed to manifest himself in other tangible forms, an effulgence emanated from his being resulting into the creation of ‘Surya’ (The Sun). The whole world became illumined with Surya’s radiance and all the deities dwelling within the body  of  Almighty  God  expressed  their  gratitude.  Initially,  unbearable  heat  emanated  from

‘Surya’, causing great uncomfort to the deities but later on Almighty God reduced it to bearable limit at the request of the deities. Surya had manifested himself on the auspicious day of ‘saptami’ hence this particular day became deeply associated with the worship of Surya.


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