Sage Mahatapa then went on to describe the incident that led to the manifestation of lord Rudra and the significance of chaturdashi- ‘In the beginning of creation, when lord Brahma failed in his repeated attempts to create, he became frustrated. Frustration turned into fury and from his fury manifested a divine entity who cried incessantly. Lord Brahma tried to stop him from crying and said- tvam ma rud (don’t cry). This is how lord Rudra got his name. Lord Brahma then requested Rudra to commence creation but since Rudra lacked the power needed for doing creation therefore he refused and went to do penance. Later on, lord Brahma created his manasputras and other living creatures. Daksha Prajapati was one of these manasputras. Once he had organised a grand yagya in which all the deities and even the demons had been invited.’

Meanwhile, Rudra’s penance was disturbed by the constant chanting of the mantras at the yagya performed by Daksha Prajapati. Rudra was infuriated resulting into the emanation of flames from his mouth. Eventually these fire-balls got transformed into ferocious spirits and ghosts. Rudra then reached the place where the yagya was being performed and with the help of all the spirits and ghosts started destoying the oblation site. It was only after lord Brahma’s intervention that Rudra calmed down. All the deities then eulogized Rudra and sought his blessings. One who worships lord Rudra on the auspicious day of chaturdashi becomes absolved of all his sins.

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