Describing how lord Vishnu manifested, sage Mahatapa told Prajapal – “Narayan- the almighty God incarnated as lord Vishnu to nurture all the living creatures inhabiting the world. Eventually lord Vishnu entrusted the job of world’s welfare to goddess Yoganidra and himself went into his meditative sleep. While he was still in his meditative sleep, a lotus flower emanated from his navel. Lord Brahma was seated on that lotus flower.

The almighty God was delighted to see himself in the incarnation of Vishnu. He blessed Vishnu by saying- ‘May you destroy all kind of ignorance with the help of your sword. Hold this chakra I am giving you, to sever the evil influences of ‘kal-chakra’ (wheel of time). May all the sins be destroyed by your mace. May the deity-Vayu adorn your hand in the form of a conch and vaijyanti mala in your neck. May the Sun and Moon adorn your person in the form of Srivatsa and kaustubh diamonds. May Garuda be your mount and goddess Lakshmi your consort. May people desirous of salvation worship you on the auspicious day of dwadashi. One who worship you on this day will definitely attain to the heaven.’

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