First of all, the area is purified by coating it with cow-dung after which a black deer-skin is spread on it alongwith ‘kusha grass’. Two pots- one large and the other a small one are placed side by side. These pots are filled with sugarcane juice and symbolize ‘Rasa-Dhenu’ and the calf. Four sugarcanes symbolizing the four legs of ‘Rasa-Dhenu’ are fixed at four corners. After that, one small silver piece is placed at the base of each of the sugarcanes symbolizing hoofs. Rasa- Dhenu is then adorned with colourful cloths and flowers. Again, four small pots filled with sesame seeds are kept at the four corners near Rasa-Dhenu. After the worship is accomplished, Rasa-Dhenu is donated to a brahmin. A person who donates Rasa-Dhenu is liberated from all his sins and all his ancestors as well as the generations to come attain to the Heaven.


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