Describing the types of Brahmin considered to be elligible to preside over the rituals of shradha, Markandeya told sage Gaurmukh- “The following types of brahmin are can perform shradha- trinachiket, trimadhu, trisuparna and the brahmins who are well versed in all the Vedas. The shradha rituals can be performed by any of the following relatives of the deceased, apart from his son-maternal nephew, grandson (daughter’s son), father-in-law, son-in-law, maternal uncle, etc. Similarly the following types of brahmin should never be invited at the shradha at the shradha ceremony- a deceitful or a wicked brahmin, a brahmin who is a habitual backbiter or who is accused of theft, a brahmin who has married a shudra woman and a brahmin who earns his livelihood by working as a priest.


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