“A proficient sculptor should be chosen to carve out the deity’s shape from a pure and spotless stone. First of all the sculptor should clearly draw the outline of deity’s appearance on the stone with a marker and then carefully carve it out from the stone. The idol is then purified by sprinkling ‘akshat’ on the deity’s idol. While worshipping a devotee should burn a ghee lamp and invoke lord Vishnu to dwell in that idol by chanting the sacred mantra- om namo narayanay. The installation of idol being complete, he should observe a fast for the whole night. Next morning, after finishing his daily chores he should put on white clothes and change his old ‘yagyopavit’ with a new one. The idol thus made is considered fit to be worshipped. Purva-bhadrapad is considered to be the best time for the installation of a stone-idol. During the course of installation ceremony, a devotee should live either on milk or cereal like barley. The rituals of worship consist of numerous activities like lighting four lamps in front of the deity, keeping four small pots each filled up with articles like ‘panchagavya’, water, sandalwood and milk. The rituals of worship are considered to be incomplete without the chantings of vedic mantras.”

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