This particular austerity on the first day of the Hindu month-margashirsh. It is related with the worship of lord Vishnu and the rituals have some special characteristics- having one meal on the eleventh day of the month (ekadashi), donating barley to brahmins, worshipping the idol of goddess Prithvi on ‘ekadashi’, etc. The austerity concludes on dwadashi. On ekadashi, goddess Prithvi is also worshipped along with lord Vishnu. Both the idols are installed side by side and covered with white clothes. After that some rice grains are scattered in front of both the idols. As per the norms of the rituals, a devotee is required to remain awake for the whole night. Next morning, he should invite twenty-four brahmins and feed them. He should also donate a cow, apparels, ornaments, an umbrella, woodden sandle and similar articles to them. A devotee who observes a fast on this auspicious day enjoys prosperity.

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