After Shiva had left, two brothers named Mahdu and Kaitabha appeared. They were demons. One of the demons wished to eat honey (madhu) as soon as he was born and thus came to be known as Madhu. The other demon looked like an insect (kita) and thus came to be known as Kaitabha. Madhu and Kaitabha wrought havoc. They destroyed the petals of the lotus. Next, they tried to eat up Brahma himself. Vishnu had gone back to sleep again and Brahma wake him up.

―Please rescue me from these demons,‖ Brahma told Vishnu. Vishnu created two beings from his mouth. These were kown as Vishnu  and Jishnu and Vishnu (the orignial one ) instructed them to destroy the demons. The being Vishnu killed Kaitabha and Jishnu killed Madhu. But it took a hundred years for the demons to be killed. The fat (meda) from the dead bodies of the demons formed the earth. That is the reason why the earth is known as medini.

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