Prithu had a son named Antardhana and Antardhana‘s son was Havirdhana. Havirdhana‘s son was Prachivarhi. Prachinavarhi married Savarna, the daughter of the ocean. Prachinavarhi and Savarna had ten sons known as the Prachetas.

The Prachetas were interested in meditating. They performed tapasya for thousands of years under the oceans. They were actually supposed to rule the earth. As long as the Prachetas meditated, they did not rule. The earth became dense with forests. Trees grew everywhere and so dense was the growth that the wind could not blow. For the ten thousand years that the Prachetas meditated, their subjects suffered.

The news of this mishap eventually reached the Prachetas and their anger was roused. Such was the fury of their anger that flames issued from their mouths and burnt up all the trees. Soma was the god of the trees. When Soma saw that all the trees were being burnt up, he tried to pacify the Prachetas.

―Please restarin your anger,‖  he said. ―It is time for you to devote attention to getting married and having children so that the world might be populated. I have with me a woman named Marisha, a daughter of the trees. Please accept her as your wife.‖

The ten Parchetas married Marisha and a son named Daksha was born.

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