Maitreya says- “O sage, kindly narrate about the future Manvantaras that are to come.”

Parashar says- Vishwakarma’s daughter Sangya was the wife of Surya. They had three children, Manu, Yama and Yamani. Sangya once felt unable to bear the radiance of Surya. So, appointing Chhaya (her shadow) in the service of Surya, she herself migrated to the forest and began to observe a penance. Surya mistook Chhaya for Sangya and copulated with her. This resulted in the birth of three children- one more Manu, Shani and Tapati. One day, getting angry for some unknown reason, Chhaya who was in the guise of Sangya cursed Yama. Only then Surya and Yama came to know about her real identity. Through meditation, Surya saw that the real Sangya was observing penance as a mare in the forest. Surya also arrived in the forest and mated with Sangya in horse form. Their mating resulted in the birth of two Ashwini kumars, Retahstrav and Revant. Thereafter, Surya brought Sangya to his abode where Vishwakarma dulled his radiance. Chhaya’s son, Manu was a sibling of Manu; hence he came to be known as Savarni.

During the next Manvantara, Savarni will rule as Manu. Sutap, Amitabh and Mukhya will be the categories of gods each with twenty deities. Ditiman, Galav, Rama, Krip, Ashwatthama, Rishisring and my son, Veda Vyasa will be among the Saptarishis. By the grace of Lord Vishnu, Virochan’s son Bali will occupy the throne of Indra.

Daksha Savarni will be the ninth Manu. During that Manvantara, Par, Marichgarv and Sudharma will be the three categories of the gods with twelve deities each. Adbhut will be Indra. Savan, Dyutiman, Bhavya, Vasu, Meghatithi, Jyotishman and Sata will be among the Saptarishis.

Brahma Savarni will be the tenth Manu. During that Manvantara, Sudhama and Vishuddh will be the two categories of gods with hundred deities each. Shanti will be Indra. Havishman, Sukrit, Satya, Tapomurti, Nabhag, Apratimauja and Satyaketu will be among the Saptarishis.

Dharmasavarni will be the eleventh Manu. Vihangam, Kamgam and Nirvangati will be the categories of gods each with thirty deities. Indra’s name will be Vish. Nihsvar, Agniteja, Vayushman, Ghrini, Aruni, Havishman and Anagh will be among the Saptarishis.

Rudraputra Savarni will be the twelfth Manu. Ritudhama will be Indra and Harit, Rohit, Sumna, Sukarma and Surag will be the five categories of the gods each with ten deities. Tapasvi, Sutapa, Tapomurti, Taporati, Tapoghriti, Tapodyuti and Tapodhan will be among the Saptarishis.

Ruchi will be the thirteenth Manu. Sutrama, Sukarma and Sudharma will be the categories of the gods each with thirty-three deities. Devaspati will be Indra. Nirmoha, Tatvagarshi, Nishprakam, Nirutsuk, Ghritiman, Avyay and Sutapa will be among the Saptarishis.

Bhaum will be the fourteenth Manu. Suchi will be Indra. Chakshush, Pavitra, Kanishth, Bhrajik and Vachavriddh will be the five categories of the gods. Agnibahu, Suchi, Shukra, Magadh, Agnidhra, Yukt and Jit will be among the Saptarishis.

With the passing of these fourteen Manvantaras, a Kalpa that comprises of one thousand yugas will come to an end. In Satya Yuga, Lord Vishnu preaches about the metaphysical knowledge in Kapila’s incarnation. In Treta Yuga, He destroys the evil doers and protects the world. In Dwapar Yuga, He divides the Vedas into four divisions. At the end of Kali   Yuga, Lord takes Kali incarnation and inspires corrupt people to religious path. Thus, Lord Vishnu maintains order in all the four yugas and causes the creation, sustenance and ultimately destruction of the universe.

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