Pururava’s son Ayu had been married to Rahu’s daughter. They had five sons- Nahush, Kshatravriddh, Rambh, Vraji and Aneyna. Suhotra was the son of Kshatravriddh. He had three sons- Kashya, Kash and Gritsamad. Shaunak was the son of Gritsamad whereas Kasheya was the son of Kashya. Lineage of Kasheya grew as- Kasheya, Rashtra, Dirdhakapa, and Dhanvantari. Dhanvantari‘s body was free from all the physical faults like ageing and diseases.

Dhanvantari’s lineage grew as- Dhanvantari, Ketuman, Bheemrath, Dibodas and Pratardan. Pratardan was also known as Shatrujit because of his conquering his enemies. Since he had acquired a horse named Kulavay hence he also came to be known as Kulvayashva. Pratardan had a son named Alarka who enjoyed his rule on earth for sixty-six thousand years.

Lineage of Alarka continued as follows- Sannati, Sunith, Suketu, Dharmaketu, Satyaketu, Vibhu, Suvibhu, Sukumar, Dhristhaketu, Vitihotra, Bharga and Bhargbhumi. It was progeny of Bhargbhumi who gave rise to four classes of people.

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