Maitreya says- “O sage! Now I wish to hear the description of the lineage of Priyavrata who was the son of Swayambhu Manu.”

Parashar says- Priyavrata was married to the daughter of sage Kardam. They had two daughters and ten sons. Three of his sons- Medha, Agnibahu and Putra knew everything about their previous births. Hence, they did not take any interest in royal luxuries. The remaining seven sons received the domain of seven parts of the earth from their father Priyavrata who then had taken to penance at a greatly sacred place named Shalgram.

Among the eight Vasus, one was Hima. Merudevi was his wife. They had a son Rishabh. Rishabh had one hundred sons among which Bharata was the eldest. When he grew old, Rishabh transferred the onus of his kingdom on his eldest son Bharata and himself took to penance in the forest. Since then, this landmass  that  stretches  from  the snowy peaks  of Himalayas  to  the splashing Indian Ocean is known as Bharatavarsha. Bharata had a religious minded son Sumati.

 Indradyumna was the son of Sumati. Indradyumna’s son was Parmeshthi. After him, the lineage of Priyavrata continued as follows- Pratihar, Pratiharta, Bhava, Udgeeth, Prastav, Prithu, Naka, Gaya, Nar, Virat, Mahavirya, Dheeman, Mahant, Manasyu, Twasta, Viraj, Raj, Shatajit. Shatajit had one hundred sons whose descendants populated the earth. They divided Bharatavarsha into nine parts.

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