While making oblations to the dead ancestors, one should feed his near and dear ones as well as learned Brahmins who respect their parents. Intimacy with women is barred for those who have taken food in an oblation. Any guest who happens to arrive unexpectedly and uninvited should be  treated  well.  Before  feeding,  plain  cereals  should  be  offered  thrice  to  the  fire  reciting following  hymns.  AGNAYE  KAVYA  VAHANAYE  SWAHA  |  SOMAY  PITRAMATE SWAHA | VAIVASVATAY SWAHA ||

Remaining cereals then should be served with the food to the Brahmins and some parts should also be cast on earth and water should be offered on them.

After the feast, the Brahmins should be seen off with respect. The host should then take food along with his family. Anger over enthusiasm and walking on the street is forbidden for the host during oblation period.

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