Maitreya says- “Lord! At the end of a life span, all the people come to be controlled by Yamaraj. When they are bound to undergo scores of suffering in different kinds of hells. Kindly narrate about such action by which a human being gets free from the noose of Yamaraj.”

Parashar says- Youngest among the Pandavas, Nakul had once put the same question before Pitamaha Bhisma. I am narrating what once Bhisma had narrated to Nakul. Before sending Yamaraj advises his agents to stay away from the devotee of Lord Krishna.

Yamaraj is lord of all the human beings except Vaishnavas. Only Lord Vishnu is able to control

Yamaraj. About the devotee of Lord Vishnu, Yamaraj says – He who does not deviate from his duties even in severest of crisis, who does not steal the wealth of others and kill animals is undoubtedly a devotee of Lord Vishnu. He who bears Lord Vishnu in his heart is a devotee of Lord Vishnu. He who is free from all kinds of ego and illusions and always wishes well for the others  with  pure and  peaceful  heart  is  a devotee of  Lord Vishnu.  Thus  those  who always contemplate on Lord Vishnu don’t even fear death. Yama, Yamadoot, Yamapash, Yamagana and even tortures of Yama are unable to hurt them.

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