BRAHMANANDA PURANA – Recovery of the Sacrificial Horse

Jaimini said:” It behoves you, O Leading Brahmana, to restrain immediately this Fire of anger. If not, the entire universe is likely to be burnt by it untimely. Your greatness hasbeen seen. The whole world including the mobile and the immobile beings has been pervaded by this fire of your anger. Forbea r, please restrain this anger, O leading Brahmana. Obeisance to you.” On being eulogised thus, the saintly Kapila, immediately controlled the extremely terrible fire of anger. Thereupon, the entire universe including the mobile and the immobile beings became calm. Devas and the ascetics became free from distress.
In the meantime, the saintly Rishi Narada, O King, casually went to Ayodhya from the Devaloka ( the world of the Devas ). On seeing that Narada had arrived, Sagara worshipped him perfectly in accordance with the injunctions of the scriptures, with Arghya, Padya and other materials of worship.
Accepting that honour and worship, Narada sat on the exalted seat and spoke these words, O King, to Sagara the tiger among kings.
Narada said : ” Your sons who had gone to take horse around the, world, O excellent king, have been struck down by the curse of a Brahmana. All of them have perished.
Your sacrificial horse, O King, that was being guarded by all of them was taken somewhere in the heaven without being noticed by anyone, as ordained by fate.
They began to search for the lost horse all over the earth. For a long time, O king, they did not get any information of its whereabouts.
Thereupon, they decided to search for the horse underneath the earth. Beginning earnestly, those Sagaras dug up the surface of the earth.
While digging the earth, O King, they saw the horse in Patala ( Netherworlds ) and near it they saw the great sage Kapila, the leading Yogin.
On seeing him, they committed a sinful deed. All of then being urged by Kala (God of death), saying “This is the robber of the horse”, they made Kapila sufficiently infuriated.
Thereupon, your sons perished with their bodies as fuel to the fire emanating from his eyes and caused by his anger, the fire that burned the quarters.
You need not grieve over them. It does not behoove you to grieve over them, O leading King, because they were cruel, of sinful conduct and were creating troubles and impediments to all people. Retain your courage as your asset .

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