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Daksha married Panchanjani. Daksha and Panchajani had one thousand sons. These were known as the Haryakshas. Daksha asked his sons to create more living beings.

But the sage Narada came and told the Haryakshas, ―You can‘t possibly create living beings unless  you  know where  they are  going to  live.  Have  you  explored  the universe  that  your creations are going to populate? Why don‘t you start out on a voyage of discovery?‖

The Haryakshas did this and have never been heard of since. They did not return.

Daksha and Panchajani now had another thousand sons. These were name the Shavalas. Narada asked the Shavalas also to explore the universe and they too disappeared.

Sixty daughters were next born to Daksha and Panchajani. Ten of these daughers were married to the  god  Dharma,  twenty-seven  were  married  to  the  moon-god  Chandra,  and  thirteen  were married to the sage Kashyapa. The remaining daughters were married to various other sages.

The thirteen daughters who were married to Kashyapa were named Aditi, Diti, Danu, Arishta, Surasa, Surabhi, Vinata, Tamra, Krodhavasha, Ira, Kadru, Vishva and Muni.

Aditi‘s sons were known as the adityas. There were twelve of them and they were named Indra, Dhata,  Bhaga,  Tvashta,  Mitra,  Varuna,  Yama,  Vivasvana,  Savita,  Pusha,  Amshumana  and Vishnu. These were the gods.

Diti‘s sons were the daityas (demons). There were two of them, named Hiranyakshipu and Hiranyaksha. Their sons also came to be known as the daityas. Hiranyaksha‘s sons were Uluka. Shakuni, Bhutasantapana and Mahanabha. Hiranyakshipu‘s sons were Prahlada, Anuhlada, Samhlada and Hlada. Prahlada‘s son was Virochana, Virochana‘s son was Vali, and Vali‘s son was Vanasura.

Danu had a hundred sons. These and their descendants were known as the danavas (demons). Chief among the hundred sons was Viprachitti. Maya, the archietect of the demons, was descended from this line.

Tamra had six daughters. These were the mothers of the birds and of goats, horse, sheep, camels and donkeys. Vinata had two sons, Aruna and Garuda. Aruna‘s sons were Sampati and Jatayu. Both Surasa and Kadru gave birth to snakes (nagas or sarpas). Krodhavasha was the mother of

rakshasas  (demons);  Surabhi  of  cows  and  buffaloes;  Muni  of  apsaras  (dancers  of  heaven); Arishta of gandharvas (singers of heaven); Ira of trees and herbs; and Vishva of yakashas (demi- gods).