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In the Vidyeshwar Samhita of Shiva Purana, describing about the importance of place and time for worship of Shiva says-

“Worshipping Shiva at a pure place in a house gives appropriate fruits, while worship done in a cowshed gives virtue, which are ten-times more than the former one. Worshipping Shiva at the banks of a river gives, ten times more virtues than the second one. Worship of Shiva done either in temple, under the basil plant etc. or at the banks of Sapt Ganga, gives ten times more virtue than the third one. If Shiva is worshipped at the seashore than the fourth one, while worshipping Shiva on the peak of a mountain, gives ten times more virtue than  the fifth one. But worship done with a fully concentrates mind, gives the best fruits.

During the Satya Yuga performance of Yagya and donations gave complete results. During the Treta Yuga it gave half, while in the present Kali Yuga it  gives one-fourth results. Virtuosity performed with a pure heart does not go in  vain. The other auspicious days in order of their increasing importance are ‘Surya-Sankranti’, Tula Sankranti and Mesh-Sankranti, Lunar eclipse and Solar eclipse respectively.