After Lord Vishnu went away, Lord Brahma started meditating on the form of goddess Durga. She appeared before him. Lord Brahma said-

“I need your help in binding Shiva with your maya.”

Goddess Durga told Brahma that Lord Shiva in his incarnation of Rudra was beyond the reached of any kind of Maya. But when Brahma kept in insisting then goddess Durga agreed to help him in his effort. She said-

“I will take birth as the daughter of Daksha Prajapati and try to please him by my penance.” After assuring Lord Brahma she vanished. Lord Brahma too went to his abode.
With the permission of lord Brahma, Daksha did penance for three thousand years. As a result goddess Jagdamba appeared before him. She blessed him by saying that she would take birth as

his daughter and by her tremendous penance would attain Rudra as her husband. But she warned
Daksha that if he showed any kind of disrespect to her, she would end her life.

With the permission of lord Brahma, Daksha Prajapati created many thing just by his mental resolution. But finding the absence of any kind of evolution and development in them, he went to Brahma to take his advice.

Brahma instructed him to create by the help of copulation. Daksha Prajapati then married Asikti – the daughter of Panchajan. Ten thousand sons, including Haryasya were born to them, but all of them were directed by Narada to follow the path of salvation.

After that, Daksha married Panchajani from whom were born thousand of son, but all of them followed the path of salvation and were not interested in creation. Narada was instructed in changing their mind.

Daksha Prajapati became very furious with Narada and cursed him to become an eternal wandered. He said-

“You will never remain at a place for long.”

When lord Brahma came to know about Daksha Prajapati’s anger towards Narada he went to him and cooled him down. Subsequently sixty daughters were born to Daksha. He married his ten daughters with Dharma, thirteen daughters with Kasyap. Twenty seven daughters with Moon, two daughters with Bhutangiras, two daughters with Krishashva and the remaining six daughters with Garuda. Daksha mediated on the form of Bhagawati, and was instructed by her to do penance. Daksha did a tremendous penance and thus was born Uma to Daksha and Virani. Uma was brought up with great love and affection. Uma used to worship lord Shiva by singing devotional songs in his praise.

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